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Top 5 Reasons to Sell this Winter...

Mike Kearns

Real estate is a business of relationships. Mike Kearns career as a realtor and the string of former clients, now friends, epitomize this sentiment...

Real estate is a business of relationships. Mike Kearns career as a realtor and the string of former clients, now friends, epitomize this sentiment...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

There is a real estate myth that the market comes to a halt in the cold winter months. . While many wait for the ground to thaw before listing their home, winter actually may be the perfect time to sell your home!

In 2016 we saw record volume of home sales and listing inventory levels that hit historic lows. I expect a similar trend in 2017.... This year could be one of the best ever to get a jump on your listing competition!

5 Reasons to NOT Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home:

1) LESS COMPETITION-MORE ATTENTION: Like you, most 2017 sellers will be waiting until spring to list.   Be ahead of the curve....LIST NOW. The inventory is sparse now so use this to your advantage.  As of December 31st there was 297 homes available for sale in our region as compared to 609 available on April 30th of 2016...if this pattern remains the same you will face double the competition if you wait.

2) SERIOUS BUYERS: Buyers that are out braving these blustery winter conditions to look at homes are obviously serious and are likely under the gun to purchase soon. This is who you want viewing your home.

3) NO LANDSCAPING-NO PROBLEM: Listing your place in the spring or summer means keeping up with the landscaping (curb appeal), which can be arduous. You'll need to invest some time and money into new plantings and possibly a little sod or at the very least, some potted plants and lawn maintenance. And if your landscaping is actually a selling point, the pruning responsibilities are even greater. You'll need to trim the hedges, tend the flowers, and otherwise make sure your curb front property and backyard are up to snuff at every possible moment. 

4) RISING INTEREST RATES: With the recent result in US politics, financial markets are seeing some turbulence. We have seen interest rates starting to rise over the past few months and most experts are forecasting this trend to continue throughout 2017.  Money is cheap for buyers right now.

5) NEGOTIATING LEVERAGE:  Currently demand is far exceeding supply which gives you serious leverage when negotiating not only on price but also on other terms. For example, you may have the ability to negotiate a long closing on the sale of your home, which will provide you with time to let inventory levels replenish, improving your chances of securing your dream home.   Furthermore, having a firm sale in place now will allow you to pursue your next purchase with with an offer that is not contingent on a sale of purchasers property condition. This type of offer is "golden" in real estate terms and will most often help you leverage a better price.

Are you thinking of selling your home? We’d love to help! Reach out via phone, text or email.

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