Are you moving this summer? Moving can be super stressful! Along with all the paperwork, legal matters, and getting your finances in order, you have to keep track of what feels like a million things and be sure not to forget anything. 

What you need is a great plan! Planning ahead will allow you to stay organized and ensure that you stay sane during a hugely stressful life event. Documented tasks can be checked off in the weeks leading up to your move making moving day a breeze.  Here, we’ve created a  checklist to keep you in order, relaxed and ready to make that move! 

Let’s get started.


  • Go through your stuff. This is a perfect opportunity to assess your belongings. Do you really want that piece of furniture, hardware, items of clothing in your brand new house? Remember, the more you get rid of, the less you have to move! Check out our Declutter and Donate blog to find out where to bring your things. 
  • Create a list of companies and people that will have to be notified about your change of address. This can be a tedious task, but you will feel relief as it will ensure nothing gets lost in your transition.
  • Go shopping for everything you will need to get your things packed. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap.
  • Hire Movers! You will want to do your homework here. Research the company, read their testimonials. 
  • Consider insuring high-value items for the move. Protect your beautiful, sentimental things. 
  • Note any markings on furniture before the move.
  • Start packing up things that are out of season, or that you don’t use on the regular. 
  • Inventory your fridge and freezer. Now is the time to eat up all those frozen meals and throw away your old expired goods. 
  • Take your area rugs to the cleaners. They will be ready to be unrolled, sparkly clean in your new home.

NOTE: BE SURE TO LABEL! All boxes should be listed thoroughly.  The more detailed you are the easier it will be when you are unpacking.


  • Set aside a small number of plates, glasses, and cutlery. Leave one fry pan and one pot and pack everything else in your kitchen. 
  • Pack all electronics that you don’t use on the daily. 
  • Pack up the bathrooms. Leave out travel toiletries kit to get by.
  • Take down all your photos and paintings. There should be nothing left hanging.  
  • Confirm your movers.


  • Pack all loose items into labeled boxes
  • Remove and pack linens
  • Disassemble furniture. Keep all hardware together, labeling and taped to a piece. 
  • Have all your boxes and furniture accessible for the movers. 
  • Keep your valuables (jewelry, laptop, passports, etc) with you. You should move these things yourself.
  • As the rooms empty out, give them a tidy. 
  • Pack an essentials box with paper towel, toilet paper, soap, cleaning products, snacks. It’s a long day of unpacking and it’s likely you will want to give your new home some spot cleaning before unloading. 
  • Do a final walk-through and say good-bye.

Print your moving checklist.