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Why Winter is Fabulous Time to Sell 

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5 Reasons to List your Home During Winter

Mike Kearns

Real estate is a business of relationships. Mike Kearns career as a realtor and the string of former clients, now friends, epitomize this sentiment...

Real estate is a business of relationships. Mike Kearns career as a realtor and the string of former clients, now friends, epitomize this sentiment...

Feb 26 4 minutes read

The idea that homeowners should wait until the spring to list their home is a misconception.  Here's why: 

1. Low Inventory

It's economics 101: low inventory + high demand = leverage for the sellers. The inventory of available homes for purchase in South Georgian Bay is already low, coupled with the slower winter months means that the listings that are available get all of the eyeballs, traffic, and interest of ready buyers. Less inventory means less competition. When demand is as high as it is for the region, it also means that available homes can be listed at a premium Thornbury and the surrounding region is a perfect example of this. 

2. Winter Buyers are Serious Buyers

There is a causal relationship between the winter months and the speed at which transactions are completed. The data shows that typically winter buyers typically have a reason to move and are motivated by extenuating circumstances that push them to decide quicker than buying patterns of other seasonal buyers. Research shows that February is historically the best month to list your home with an average of 66% of homes listed sell faster than in any other month. Another interesting factoid that may play into this pattern is that businesses often transfer or hire new employees early in the year or at the close of the fiscal year (tax season) this might influence the buying patterns in your neighborhood and make for very motivated buyers. 

3. Spring Buyers are Relaxed Buyers

Just as there is data to support the speed at which winter buyers make their decisions and complete their home-buying transactions, there is a measurable lag to spring-buyers. There isn't a definitive answer as to why this is, but we can assume that with the melting snow, the change of the season and the bundling down spring feels like a natural time for renewal or change, hence the search for a new home begins for many people. 

4. Seasons are Irrelevant 

The wonderful world of digital analytics tells us that people are online looking at listings all year long! The seasons don't impact peoples browsing habits. This means your winter-listed home WILL get noticed in the winter just like in any other season. What's more? We live in a four-season community, which is arguably even busier in the winter months, thanks to the traffic associated with the outdoor winter activities in the area.

Bonus: Snow = Low Maintenance Curb Appeal  

This is for those of you who don't love yard work. Snow covers imperfections. You don't have to have your gardens in perfect order, wacky weeds won't scare away your potential buyers. You don’t need to do the yard work to add curb appeal. During the spring and summer months, buyers are looking for beautifully landscaped properties, which requires a tremendous amount of upkeep, especially if you own a larger property. Since most of your plants will be dormant in the winter — or possibly even covered by snow — there’s little to no yard work required. Just a nice little added bonus for listing your home in the winter. 

Basically, if data means anything, and in our experience it means everything... your home is positioned to sell faster, for more money to a motivated buyer during the winter months. Selling your home during the winter isn't a guarantee by any means, however by waiting until spring you are damaging your chances at cashing in on these benefits of winter listings. 

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